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Solid Brass Shelf Bracket - 9 7/8" x 7 3/8" In Polished Brass

A simple design gives this solid-brass bracket a versatile quality, making it ideal for just about any room. The arched support is an optimal choice for holding shelves to help organize a utility or laundry room, or display keepsakes throughout the house. Available in Polished Brass finish.

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Cast Brass Eastlake Sash Lift With Lacquered Finish

Crisp and geometric Eastlake patterns have a timeless appeal. Dating from the 1880s, this hook style sash lift is suited to period or modern interiors. Reproduced in heavy duty cast brass.

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Art Nouveau Picture Rail Hook in Polished Brass

This delightful Art-Nouveau Picture Rail Hook was reproduced from a circa 1900 English original. The unusual pattern may be a feather, a curling leaf, or insect wings - we're not sure which. Regardless, the effect is lovely. Finely cast in solid brass, this hook is strong enough for large or heavy items.

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Gaios Solid-Brass Cabinet Knob - 1 1/2" Diameter in Polished Brass Finish

Adorned with a sinuous motif, the Gaios Collection brings a hint of gothic style to any decor. Cast in solid brass, this cabinet knob comes in Polished Brass finish. It is a handsome addition to furniture or cabinetry throughout your home.

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Pisano Cast-Brass Door Plate with Keyhole in Polished Brass

A House of Antique Hardware Exclusive! Our Victorian Back Plate with Keyhole is the most intricate and elegant you'll find anywhere. The exquisite Italian Renaissance design, with its fluted border and floral accents, is a faithful recreation of Russell and Erwin's Pisano pattern of 1897. Precision cast in solid brass, they're beautifully detailed and incredibly substantial. Suited for restorations or new construction, this decorative plate adds a touch of understated luxury to any interior. Comes in Polished Brass finish.

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Ellis Solid-Brass Coat Hook in Polished Brass

Vintage styling and durable, solid-brass construction make the swiveling Ellis Coat Hook a must-have for Arts & Crafts interiors. Timeless in every sense of the word, it comes in a polished and lacquered finish.

$5.65 $11.29
Large Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base in Polished Brass

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 1/2-inch diameter is an ideal size for larger cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture. Gleaming glass and polished brass will make your cabinets sparkle.

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Solid-Brass Art Nouveau Door Plate in Un-Lacquered Brass

Reproduced from a circa 1910 original introduced by Sargent and Company, our Art Nouveau Door Plate brings an elegant touch to your decor. Its Alby design recalls organic motifs of the period showcasing a graceful, floral pattern. Beautifully forged in solid brass, it is left unlacquered, allowing it to age gracefully over time just like the antique originals.

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Solid-Brass Sash Chain - #25 in Polished Brass

Our Number-25 Polished Brass Sash Chain is typically used for counterbalance systems on double-hung windows. Made of rust-resistant solid brass, it is a decorative and more sturdy alternative to standard cord options. Ideal for new construction, or for replacing a worn or damaged system.

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Plain Solid Brass Screen Door Hinge With Button Tips In Polished Brass

This heavy-duty spring door hinge will close your door with an old-fashioned Bang! Made from solid, cast brass with a strong steel spring, it's great for high-traffic entries. Its traditional polished brass and stocky button finials will give your door a charming vintage look.

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Galena Solid-Brass Double Hook in Polished Brass

Our intricate Galena Double Hook is an authentic reproduction of a Victorian-era classic. Constructed of solid brass, it features an Aesthetic Movement (circa 1880s) Eastlake-style motif. Presented in polished brass, it is suited for hanging hats and coats, or towels and robes in the bathroom.

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Hartford Solid-Brass Double Hook in Polished Brass

Our handsome Hartford Double Hook is an authentic reproduction of a Victorian-era classic. Constructed of solid brass, it features an Aesthetic Movement (circa 1880s) Eastlake-style vine motif. Presented in polished brass, it is suited for hanging hats and coats, or towels and robes in the bathroom.

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Shopkeeper Bell with Decorative Coil Spring in Polished Brass

Recalling mercantiles of the past, our Shopkeeper Bell is a fun addition to small retail stores and homes alike. This nostalgic accent features a solid-brass bell and the coil spring easily adjusts to fit any door. The bell is polished and lacquered.

$19.50 $38.99
Fox Door Knocker in Polished Brass

This charming fox door knocker utilizes the head as the knocker, with its legs and tail as the base. Popular with the fox-hunting crowd, it's equally at home in cottages and country manors. Made of heavy-duty cast brass with a classic polished finish.

$11.10 $22.19
1" Glass Cabinet Knob in Polished Brass

Elegant Victorian-style cabinet knob has six softly-pointed facets. The sparkling combination of polished brass and clear glass will brighten your kitchen and bath. This 1-Inch cabinet knob is ideal for cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture.

$5.99 $8.79
Mission Cast Iron Shelf Bracket - 7 15/16" x 5 15/16" in Rust Patina

A simple arched support on this Victorian bracket gives it a Arts & Crafts feel. Made from solid cast iron and available in a rust patina finish.

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Egg & Dart Solid-Brass Pocket Door Pull With Keyhole in Un-Lacquered Brass

P. & F. Corbin featured this stately pocket door pull in their 1905 hardware catalog. The Mantua pattern, as it was called, features a lavish array of neo-classical ornament and is suited to formal interiors of any era. True to the original, our exclusive pull is reproduced in stamped sheet brass with an un-lacquered finish.

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Windsor Pattern Pocket Door Pull with Keyhole in Polished Brass

This Windsor Pattern Pocket-Door Pull with Keyhole is one of our finest Victorian-era reproductions. Introduced by Reading Hardware around 1885, the whimsical Aesthetic design is just as fresh and lovely today. Cast in solid brass with a polished finish.

$15.20 $37.99
#9 x 1 1/4 Inch Brass Flat Head Slotted Wood Screws - 25 Pack in Polished Brass

This mid-length flat-head wood screw (#9 x 1 1/4 inch) provides additional grab for weight-bearing hardware, such as shelf and handrail brackets. Precision crafted in solid brass, with a bright Polished Brass finish, these premium screws feature deep slots, crisp threads and sharply pointed tips. Authentic slotted flat head style to match your hardware, new or old.

$5.16 $12.89
Neoclassical Quad Gang Push Button Switch Plate in Polished Brass

Our Neoclassical quad gang push button switch plate is a stately addition to any room. This refined design, with its leafy inset border and bellflower garlands, is derived from P & F Corbin's Amalfi pattern of 1905. Forged from solid brass, this durable plate is highly polished, then lacquered to preserve the gleaming finish. U.S. Patent No. D887,368.

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Adams Stamped Brass Picture Rail Hook in Polished Brass

A House of Antique Hardware exclusive, this charming picture rail hook is an authentic reproduction based on an original that dates back to the turn-of-the-20th century. Decorative motifs including bead-and-reel, ribbon-and-bow, and a gently swaged flower garland echo the neoclassical British Adam style. And since its made from solid brass, this hook is sturdy as well as pretty. Traditional polished finish, lacquered.

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Double Coat Hook with Porcelain Ball Tips In Lacquered Brass

An elegant hallmark of the Victorian Era, this double coat hook is cast in solid brass with porcelain ball tips. Lacquered to preserve the sleek finish, it's the ideal adornment for traditional interiors. Easy surface mount installation.

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Victorian Scroll Design Shelf Bracket - 11 3/4" x 8 5/8" In Rusted Iron

This elegant scrolling bracket is the perfect size for holding a 1 x 10 wood shelf (9 1/4-inch). Use them in the living room or library for books and nick-knacks, or mount them over counters in the kitchen for dishes, canisters, or display items. Made of heavy duty cast iron, it is stronger than it looks! Rusted patina finish.

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Solid Brass Oriental Pattern Turn Latch in Polished Brass

The bold and graphic Oriental pattern is one of our favoritess. Originally designed by Branford Lock Works, circa 1885, this striking latch displays an open fan, a rising sun, and bamboo. Cast from solid brass, polished and lacquered.

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