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4" x 14" Cast Iron Victorian-Style Floor Grate in Matte Black

This classic 4 x 14-inch Victorian floor grate will infuse period style into any new construction or restoration. Inspired by Gothic tracery found in stained glass windows, this intricate design turns an ordinary vent into a stylish accent. Our modern recreation is cast from solid iron and finished with a durable matte-black powder coat. These vent covers can be used as return air grilles or non-adjustable heat registers.

$19.20 $47.99
Small Plain Cast-Iron Hook in Antique Iron

Our Small Plain Hook brings an industrial look to traditional and modern interiors. This charming, light-duty design can be used alone or grouped together on a coat rack or decorative back plate. Made of cast iron, available in Antique Iron finish.

$2.72 $6.79
2 1/2" Cast Iron Ball Tip Hinge With Decorative Vine Pattern In Matte Black

This highly decorative Victorian era hinge, with its graceful tendrils, patterned barrel and classic ball finials, is a delightful addition to your home. Made of heavy duty cast iron, this faithful reproduction has loose pins and slotted and Phillips screws. Matte black.

$4.40 $8.79
Plain Cast Iron Sash Window Lock

Simple in style, rugged in material, this traditional sash lock is ideal for early American or other rustic home styles. Made of heavy duty cast iron, it'll provide decades of service. Antiqued and lacquered to preserve the look.

$4.90 $9.79
Arched Cast Iron Shelf Bracket - 13 3/4" x 11 7/8" in Antique Iron

A simple design gives this cast iron Arched shelf bracket (13 3/4-inch by 11 7/8-inch) a versatile quality making it ideal for just about any room. The arched support is an optimal choice for holding shelves to display keepsakes throughout your home, or to help organize a Arched or laundry room. Lacquered antique iron.

$22.50 $44.99
Cast Iron Urn Boot Scraper in Matte Black

A classic urn shape with scrollwork gives this hardworking boot scraper decorative appeal, and also encourages visitors to wipe their shoes before entering a home. A charming way to minimize dirt and debris inspired by the past. Matte black powder coating for durability.

$40.48 $80.95
Miniature Cast Iron Shelf Bracket - 4" x 3 3/8" in Matte Black

This tiny, yet highly decorative bracket is perfect for holding small shelves in your kitchen or bath. The unique lattice design is reproduced in cast iron from a Victorian original. Finished with a matte-black powder coat to prevent rust.

$5.25 $10.49
Dogs Head Cast Iron Shelf Bracket - 10" x 9" in Antique Iron Finish

Dog lovers rejoice, a wonderful profile of a dogs head centered in elegant swirls makes this Victorian bracket a gorgeous addition to a country kitchen or hunting lodge. Made from cast iron with a lacquered antique finish.

$12.40 $30.99
Large Eastlake Iron Sash Lift In Matte Black

This charming Eastlake style sash lift is reproduced from an 1880s original. Made of cast iron, the pattern is crisp and geometric, with a single iris flower at center. Large and durable, it's a good choice for tall or broad sash windows. Offered with a matte black powdercoat finish.

$3.60 $7.19
Perched Cardinal Cast Iron Shelf Bracket In Matte Black

The Perched Cardinal Shelf Bracket brings a relaxed, natural style to your home. Made of sturdy cast-iron, this Victorian accessory comes in a classic matte black finish.

$9.40 $18.79
Cast-Iron Scroll Plant Hanger in Antique Iron

This decorative plant hanger features a simple swirl design and an Antique Iron finish. Cast in heavy-duty iron, it is sturdy enough to hold large plants---indoors or out.

$7.32 $18.29
Shallow Domed-Head Iron Clavos Nails - Pack of Six 1" Diameter in Matte Black

Our 1-inch Shallow Domed-Head Clavos Nails in classic black bring rustic style to a variety of applications. Constructed from solid cast iron with a weather resistant powder-coated finish, these sturdy accents are ideal for doors, gates, cabinets, furniture and more! Used indoors or out, we recommend installing with a soft-touch hammer to avoid damaging the finish. May require pre-drilling for harder surfaces. For decorative purposes only.

$6.75 $13.49
Floral Iron Cremone Bolt - 4-Foot Length in Antique Iron

Adorned with intricate patterns, this 4-foot French-style Floral Cremone Bolt is as lovely as it is functional. A charming flower graces the knob, while the case and guides feature classic acanthus leaf motifs. Cast iron, with an antique finish, it is typically used for smaller casement windows, cabinets, and furniture.

$45.16 $112.90
16" Pair of 1 1/2" Offset Galvanized Iron Shutter Strap Hinges With Lag Pintles

These traditional 16-inch Colonial style 1 1/2-inch offset hinges with lag pintle are still popular today! The straps are forged out of steel and the pintles are made of solid cast iron, both galvanized. These versatile hinges can be mounted to show either when the shutters are open or closed. The rough textured black powder coating provides a great period look and helps reduce rust.

$22.50 $44.99
Black Iron Decorative Shelf Bracket 5 7/8" x 7 7/8"

Upgrade your Victorian home with this Pennsylvania Dutch star design shelf bracket. Made of heavy duty cast iron with a black powder coat finish. Medium sized for use anywhere!

$8.40 $16.79
12" Cast-Iron Strap Hinge with Whale Tail Design in Matte Black

Our authentic 12-inch New England-style Strap Hinge with Whale-Tip Design is the perfect combination of charm and durability. This traditional accent is made of cast iron and features a textured surface and black powder-coat finish.

$9.15 $18.29
Rooster Cast Iron Shelf Bracket In Matte Black

A strutting rooster at the center of this large bracket makes it a perennial favorite for country kitchens. Cast from heavy duty iron, it's strong enough for stacks of dishes, cookbooks or crockery. Matte black powder coat finish.

$12.40 $24.79
4-Inch Cast Iron Door Hinge With Ball Finials

The classic and versatile 4-inch ball tip door hinge has been a favorite since the late 19th century. Our authentic reproduction hinge has a loose pin with attached finial, slotted and Phillips wood screws, and heavy duty 1/8-inch thick leaves - just like the originals. Made of heavy duty cast iron with a lacquered finish.

$6.30 $12.59
Large Cast-Iron Shelf Bracket with Vine Pattern - 16" x 18 1/2" in Matte Black

Our Large Cast-Iron Shelf Bracket with Vine Pattern (16-inch by 18 1/2-inch) is ideal for supporting kitchen or bar counters, as well as deep shelves for dishes, cookware, and video equipment. Solidly crafted from cast iron, it features lovely Victorian-style scrolling vines. Due to the heavy weight of these brackets, and the potential for carrying substantial loads, professional installation with blocking and sturdy fasteners is recommended.

$38.48 $76.95
Small Arts & Crafts Cast-Iron Hook in Matte Black

Our Small Arts and Crafts Hook brings traditional style to any decor. Made of cast iron, this charming, light-duty design can be used alone or grouped together on a coat rack or decorative back plate. Comes in a black powder coated finish.

$2.40 $4.79
Utility Cast-Iron Shelf Bracket - 12 x 9-Inch in Antique Iron

A simple design and smooth surface gives our Utility cast-iron shelf bracket (12-inch by 9-inch) a versatile quality, making it ideal for just about any room. The arched support is an optimal choice for holding shelves to display keepsakes throughout your home, or to help organize a utility or laundry room. Lacquered antique iron finish.

$18.00 $35.99
Flush Mount Screen Door Corner Brace in Matte Black

Why reserve elegant Victorian design for your home's interior? This Flush-Mount Screen Door Corner Brace adds stability to your wood screen door while adding a decorative touch. Reproduced in cast iron with a matte black finish.

$4.36 $10.89

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Cast Iron Windsor-Pattern Cabinet Latch with Round Knob in Antique Iron

This Windsor-Pattern Cabinet Latch with Round Knob is one of our finest Victorian-era reproductions. Introduced by Reading Hardware around 1885, the whimsical Aesthetic design is just as fresh and lovely today. Finely cast from solid iron with an antique-iron finish.

$9.10 $18.19
Cast Iron 4-Pronged Coat Hook in Matte Black

This 4-pronged coat hook will stand up to frequent use in in your busy entryway, mudroom or barn. Made of heavy-duty cast iron with a black powder coated finish. Able to hold at least four items at a time, the lower hooks are ideal for lighter items and jackets, while the upper is perfect for hats, heavier coats and bags.

$6.60 $16.49