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All New Products

Winnie 12-Inch Pendant (item #RS-03HK-3557X)

Winnie 12-Inch Pendant

The Winnie 12-inch pendant celebrates the simple hardworking qualities of farmhouse style. A chain, ring and cone come together for a rustic fixture that will shed light right where you need it. Striking in multiples.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Werner 8-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03HV-3646X)

Werner 8-Light Chandelier

Decorative Arts buffs will note the Werner 8-light chandelier has similarities to early 20th century Vienna Secession designs. The contrasting finish, thick arms and spherical shades create a Modernist feel that makes an impression.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Odessa 1-Light Flush Mount (item #RS-03HV-3809FX)

Odessa 1-Light Flush Mount

The Odessa 1-light flush mount is influenced by early 20th century industrial advancements. Reflective scalloped surfaces are paired with a prismatic diffuser that attractively scatters and optimizes the light. Ideal for kitchens.

4 Finishes 4 Finishes

Dutchess 1-Light Small Flush Mount (item #RS-03HV-5009FX)

Dutchess 1-Light Small Flush Mount

A fixture that takes the simplicity of schoolhouse style to the next level. The Dutchess 1-light small flush mount fixture combines a clean canopy with a fluted glass shade that reflects Neoclassical influence. The look is timeless.

4 Finishes 4 Finishes

Lucien 1-Light Small Flush Mount (item #RS-03HV-6909X)

Lucien 1-Light Small Flush Mount

The Lucien 1-light small flush mount is brimming with stylish Art Deco and Industrial-inspired details. Sleek lines, a crosshatched shade plus a contrasting finish give this compact fixture a dramatic feel. Ideal for a tight space.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Huntsman 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount (item #RS-03CU-9000-0171)

Huntsman 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount

A light that brings sophistication to close-to-the-ceiling fixtures. The Huntsman 3-light semi-flush mount is a handsome interpretation of Deco style, combining circular forms with subtle design elements like the opaque white glass diffuser. Ideal for dens and libraries.

Argo 14-Inch Pendant (item #RS-03HK-3487X)

Argo 14-Inch Pendant

A brilliant and basic design, the Argo 14-inch pendant combines a vintage industrial feel with a sleek and fashionable profile. An excellent choice for lofts or hip commercial settings. Even more striking in multiples.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Keating 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03HK-4697X)

Keating 1-Light Pendant

A fixture full of Industrial-style details found in early-20th-century factories. The hard-working Keating 1-light pendant light features a robust silhouette with over-scaled cast knobs and a boldly ribbed shade. Ideal task lighting.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Lark 16-Inch Pendant (item #RS-03HK-4993X)

Lark 16-Inch Pendant

Pairing simple metal details with an off-white textured fabric shade gives the Lark 16-inch pendant its classic appeal. Plus, the stem swivels allowing for easy rotation. Elegant in multiples that won’t overwhelm a space.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Crew 16-Inch Pendant (item #RS-03HK-4844X)

Crew 16-Inch Pendant

Versatile and functional, the Crew 16-inch pendant offers Industrial chic with Machine Age details. Note the sleek cone and grooved glass shade. Hang one to spruce up a quiet corner, or hang several to create a strong graphic effect.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Gaines 3-Light Pendant (item #RS-03HV-2216X)

Gaines 3-Light Pendant

Machine-Age inspired details like studded rivets and perforated metalwork give the Gaines 3-light pendant fixture an industrial yet refined feel. This light brings various textures into a space and adds striking style to a room.

4 Finishes 4 Finishes

Arti Adjustable Arm 1-Light Sconce (item #RS-03HK-3690X)

Arti Adjustable Arm 1-Light Sconce

Seeking a versatile task light? The Arti Adjustable Arm 1-light sconce can be plugged in or hard-wired, you decide. With the plug-in model, an optional cord cover that matches the fixture is available, creating a finished look.

4 Finishes 4 Finishes

Emery 2-Light Flush Mount (item #RS-03HK-4081X)

Emery 2-Light Flush Mount

With the unique Emery 2-light flush mount fixture, metal cutouts allow illumination to gracefully graze the ceiling. A functional down light enclosed in heavy Holophane glass completes its authentic Industrial-inspired appearance.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Martine 3-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0285)

Martine 3-Light Chandelier

A unique-looking fixture that draws from nature, the Martine 3-light chandelier combines graceful plant-inspired shapes with gold leaf that enhances its glow. A delightful light that adds an understated Wow factor to a space.

Iota 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03CU-9000X)

Iota 1-Light Pendant

Reflecting an Art Nouveau influence, the Iota 1-light pendant captures the organic beauty of an opening flower bud. The rustic chain adds visual contrast to the refined design. An excellent choice to spruce up a plain space.

Oyster Circle 8-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9672)

Oyster Circle 8-Light Chandelier

A ring of natural oyster shells gives the Oyster 8-light chandelier its seaside charm. Simple and rustic, it’s a natural fit for a beach house or coastal-inspired space. This bold statement fixture is sure to enliven a room.

Jade 3-Light Flush Mount (item #RS-03MZ-H236503X)

Jade 3-Light Flush Mount

Lively and fun, the Jade 3-light flush mount is sure to energize a room. Art Deco-inspired circular shapes plus a drum-shaped shade give this fixture a feeling of motion. Install in a plain space to instantly add vibrant style.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

MarjieScope 1-Light Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5000-0051)

MarjieScope 1-Light Sconce

Strikingly elegant, the MarjieScope 1-light sconce features concentric circles of faceted glass framed by antique brass. A prism comprised of optic crystals creates a dazzling effect that adds visual interest to a hallway or entryway.

Malvasia 1-Light Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5000-0064)

Malvasia 1-Light Sconce

A fixture full of charming details, the Malvasia 1-light sconce combines a classic fluted shade with knob-like fittings and dentil work, warmly presented in an aged brass finish. Don’t miss the whimsical hand decorative element.

Willow 5-Light Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5000-0066)

Willow 5-Light Sconce

Inspired by nature, the whimsical Willow 5-light sconce has a classic look. A softly symmetrical arrangement of leaves gives this iron fixture a graceful quality. Ideal for a hallway, entry or master bedroom.

Library 1-Light Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5000-0089)

Library 1-Light Sconce

A softer take on Mid-Century Modern, the Library 1-light sconce is defined by a gently fluted shade with a softly curved edge. Beautiful and practical, the light source can be easily redirected, making it a wonderful reading light.

Anise 2-Light Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5010)

Anise 2-Light Sconce

Neoclassical elements abound in the Anise 2-light sconce. A draping swag of foliage and leaf motifs are set off by symmetry. Contrasting finishes in silver and gold further amplify this light’s many charming flourishes.

Arboria 6-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0033)

Arboria 6-Light Chandelier

The Arboria 6-light chandelier offers a subtle but dramatic take on faux bois. A spare design in a dark finish combined with white bulbs conveys a rustic-yet-contemporary feel. An ideal statement fixture for a dining area.

Eudora 3-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0035)

Eudora 3-Light Chandelier

A lovely bejeweled fixture, the Eudora 3-light chandelier is sure to add glamour wherever it hangs. Blue agates rimmed in gold are the star of this light. Plus, its slightly compact size lets you install it in narrower spaces.

Prosperity 2-Light Rectangular Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0114)

Prosperity 2-Light Rectangular Chandelier

With its elegant and restrained lines, the Prosperity 2-light rectangular chandelier reflects details found on both oil lamps and billiard table lights. The shades’ interiors are lined in gold leaf adding an opulent touch.

Berkeley 6-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0181)

Berkeley 6-Light Chandelier

The Berkeley 6-light chandelier’s corona-inspired design has a restrained-yet-regal feel. Contrasting finishes highlight details, while frosted diffuser creates a softer quality of light. Well-suited to a dining area.

Saltwater 6-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0209)

Saltwater 6-Light Chandelier

Ocean-inspired, the Saltwater 6-light chandelier pairs frosted recycled sea-glass-like pieces with a wrought iron frame. The result is an ethereal light that echoes the natural world. Ideal for creating a coastal feel.

Albion 6-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03CU-9000-0255)

Albion 6-Light Chandelier

An artistically-inclined light, the Albion 6-light chandelier features wrought iron smoothly covered in gesso. The result is an elegant and sculptural fixture. Its minimalist feel makes it well-suited to contemporary spaces.

Oyster 3-Light Semi-Flush (item #RS-03CU-9000-0265)

Oyster 3-Light Semi-Flush

A ring of natural oyster shells gives the Oyster 3-light semi-flush its seaside charm. With an opaque acrylic diffuser that lends to simplisity and the rustic bronze finish, it’s a natural fit for beach houses or coastal-inspired spaces. An easy way to bring distinctive style into a low-ceiling room.

Billycart 2-Light Semi-Flush (item #RS-03CU-9000-0303)

Billycart 2-Light Semi-Flush

The Billycart 2-light semi-flush fixture pairs aged wood with riveted wrought iron for a rough luxe feel. A natural choice for a cabin, lodge or any space with a rustic aesthetic. Frosted glass provides a softening effect.

Results 1-30 of 73612345678910
Sort by NameSort by Price