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Shop art glass lamps, pendants, chandeliers and flush mounts.

Rose Dome Hand Painted Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-10057-610)

Rose Dome Hand Painted Table Lamp

Charming with a distinctive Victorian feel, this table lamp features a domed alabaster shade with roses in blooms framed by foliage. When lit, the blooms become more pronounced creating a luminous effect. A column pedestal finished in Antique Bronze completes the period look, making this lamp a lovely accent piece for a living room, bedroom or den.

Pansy Tiffany Semi Flush Mount (item #RS-03DT-3660-3LTF)

Pansy Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

In this Tiffany-inspired semi flush mount, a stained glass shade comprised of lush flowers and green foliage is set against a bright white background. The fixture is finished in antique brass and provides subtle contrast to the colorful shade. A cheerful fixture that’s a great lighting solution for a bedroom, sitting room or entryway.

Geologic Outdoor Tiffany Mini Pendant (item #RS-03DT-STH16133)

Geologic Outdoor Tiffany Mini Pendant

This outdoor mini pendant exudes natural appeal. Inspired by Arts & Crafts as well as Art Nouveau style, the art glass shade features a graceful leaf design with amber insets. When illuminated, the translucent effect is simply beautiful. Topped with a stepped pagoda roof and suspended from a rustic chain, this light brings period-inspired elegance to outside areas.

Ainsley Tiffany Desk Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TA100700)

Ainsley Tiffany Desk Lamp

This graceful desk lamp adds just the right splash of color, be it at home or in an office. Reflecting the Tiffany-inspired tradition, the decorative shade is comprised of 78 pieces of art glass in blue, brown, tan, yellow and light amber. Since it's adjustable, it’s an excellent choice for a desk or work area.

Green Haiawa Tiffany Accent Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TA15057)

Green Haiawa Tiffany Accent Table Lamp

The enchanting Green Haiawa table lamp will add a splash of verdant color to any room. Reflecting a blend Victorian and Art Nouveau styles, the gently flared panels are crafted from iridescent green and amber art glass, which creates the illusion of mother of pearl. The trunk-like base echoes the shade’s flared forms for a unified look. A wonderful accent piece for bookshelves, desks or occasional tables.

Aldridge Tiffany Buffet Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TB101109)

Aldridge Tiffany Buffet Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany’s well-documented love of nature is expressed in this exceptional buffet lamp. A handcrafted stained glass shade conveys the outdoors via sunny amber art glass and lush green vines. The finely sculpted base features an amber glass orb, decorative breaks in the column, and an ornately carved footed pedestal. This spectacular accent lamp is well suited to Victorian and Arts & Crafts style homes.

Reves Dragonfly Tiffany Hanging Fixture (item #RS-03DT-TH12270)

Reves Dragonfly Tiffany Hanging Fixture

Ablaze with color, the Reves dragonfly hanging pendant casts a warm glow when illuminated. Vivid red, orange and yellow art glass creates a dazzling effect – note the dragonflies’ red art glass jewel “eyes.” This fixture commands attention, and is ideal over an informal eating area or in an entryway.

Baroque Tiffany Semi Flush Mount (item #RS-03DT-TH13090)

Baroque Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

Inspired by French Art Nouveau artist Emile Galle, this opulent semi-flush mount fixture will add a touch of 19th century artistry to your home. The double overlaid shade is etched in colorful-yet-earthy tones set in a fleur de lis pattern. Glass jewel accents throughout add extra sparkle. Another dazzling accent, a large amber art glass sphere, adorns the scrolled wrought iron frame. This brightly classical fixture will enliven any space.

Dragonfly 3-Light Tiffany Pendant (item #RS-03DT-TH14116)

Dragonfly 3-Light Tiffany Pendant

This exquisite pendant is a vivid combination of color and texture. A trio of uplit shades are set in a Pebblestone pattern, and each shade is ringed with a row of Tiffany’s shimmery signature dragonflies. Fluid arms extend from a fount while cut metal leaves and amber glass jewels add depth and dimension. A breathtaking fixture for over a dining table or an entryway.

Gold Lily 7-Light Hand Blown Art Glass Bronze Chandelier (item #RS-03DT-TH15075)

Gold Lily 7-Light Hand Blown Art Glass Bronze Chandelier

This chandelier will add organic elegance to any decor. Lily shades, hand blown from Favrille art glass, display subtle variations in tone and texture – which means no two are exactly alike. When illuminated, they cast a cozy glow. The shade’s Art Nouveau qualities are echoed by the body’s curved arms that encircle the center column like vines. This fixture is cast in bronze – a material prized for its ability to capture fine detail.

Minerals Tiffany Pendant (item #RS-03DT-TH17024)

Minerals Tiffany Pendant

The star of this pendant is the cylindrical shade, which consists of handcrafted art glass made with techniques developed by Tiffany over 100 years ago. Light amber and beige tones blend perfectly with a rustic bronze metal mesh fixture, which reflects an Arts & Crafts influence. Darker diamond-shaped accents provide an opulent touch. An elegant fixture that transcends trends.

Savannah Tiffany Flush Mount (item #RS-03DT-TH70098)

Savannah Tiffany Flush Mount

This verdant flush mount fixture features dragonflies in deep red and light blue iris blossoms set against a background of jewel tones. Extending the natural theme, the metal canopy is cast in a reeded pattern and finished in antique brass, which helps give the fixture it’s authentic Tiffany feel. This light will add a rich and textured quality to any room.

Peony Crystal Tiffany Semi Flush Mount (item #RS-03DT-TH90212)

Peony Crystal Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

This stained glass ceiling fixture’s generous bowl shade displays peony blossoms wrapped in lush foliage. Shimmery art glass jewels add another layer of texture. Tiffany-inspired whimsy with hints of Rococo continue through the body’s branch-like curves and amber crystal leaves. An exquisite piece, this light is ideal for an entryway, family room or bedroom.

Dylan Tiffany Flush Mount (item #RS-03DT-TM100598)

Dylan Tiffany Flush Mount

This lovely flush mount displays an Arts & Crafts sensibility with hints of Art Nouveau. Warm earth tones accentuate the simple oak leaf pattern, and capture the spirit of autumn. Art glass jewels in rich crimson dot the diameter, adding texture and reflecting light. An ideal fixture to introduce subtle flair into a library, living room or bedroom.

Noir Tiffany Mission Torchiere Floor Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TR11062)

Noir Tiffany Mission Torchiere Floor Lamp

The uncluttered lines of this torchiere lamp pay homage to the honest qualities of Mission style. Celebrating the beauty of handcraft, the inverted pyramid shade's panels are solid pieces of hand rolled art glass set in copper foil, highlighted by a dark filigree overlay. The stepped base’s right angles reflect Arts & Crafts style, enhanced by a mica bronze finish for a burnished glow. An ideal light for a library, living room or office.

Noir Tiffany Mission Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT100015)

Noir Tiffany Mission Table Lamp

This table lamp’s clean and uncluttered lines pay homage to the honest qualities associated with Mission style. Celebrating the beauty of handcraft, the shade’s panels have been hand rolled and copper foiled in the classic Tiffany tradition. The metal base’s square shapes and right angles reflect the Arts and Crafts influence, enhanced by a dark mica bronze finish. An ideal light for a library, living room or office.

Camelot Mica Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT100174)

Camelot Mica Table Lamp

This handsome table lamp features genuine mica panels, and reflect the artistic spirit of Dirk Van Erp, a member of the original Arts and Crafts movement, and the creator of the mica Arts and Crafts style. For the shade, bold lines are paired with handcrafted art glass panels that top a distinctive base. The result is a strong and elegant look that will transform a dark corner or plain piece of furniture.

Jassmyne Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT10087)

Jassmyne Tiffany Table Lamp

Comprised of almost 200 pieces of art glass, this Tiffany-inspired table lamp’s art glass shade showcases colorful hues set against a light amber background. The meticulously cast base features fine floral and bead period detail. A perfect light for a writing desk, nightstand or anywhere needing a generous amount of light in a limited amount of space.

Leavesley Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT100914)

Leavesley Tiffany Table Lamp

The beauty of stained glass is on full display in this Tiffany-inspired table lamp. Verdant tropical vines are set against a background of vibrant blues and purples, bringing to mind a tropical rainforest. Art glass jewels accent individual leaves and glow when the lamp is lit. The gracious base has a classical look which provides a counterpoint to the decorative shade, creating a balanced feel.

Aldridge Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT101110)

Aldridge Tiffany Table Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany’s love of nature is beautifully expressed in this impressive table lamp. The handcrafted art glass shade reflects the outdoors via sunny amber art glass and lush green vines. A finely sculpted base features a decorative leaf motif and an ornately carved footed pedestal. Well suited to Victorian and Arts & Crafts style homes, it’s a spectacular addition to any room.

Zenia Rose Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT15097)

Zenia Rose Tiffany Table Lamp

This lively table lamp expresses the vibrant side of art glass. A generous dome shade features colorful spring blossoms and vines that wander about the shade’s surface. Tiffany’s signature dragonflies can be found throughout. Art glass jewels in complementary colors add sparkle and texture. The finely cast base features a reed pattern, reflecting Victorian and Classical influences. A lovely choice for end tables or nightstands.

Mayor Island Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT16083)

Mayor Island Tiffany Table Lamp

Colors and shapes with an Arts & Crafts sensibility define this Tiffany-inspired table lamp. Diamond- and rectangular-shaped art glass pieces are set against a light amber background – and when illuminated, the patterns becomes more pronounced. The shade sits atop a decorative metal base and a beautifully cast footed pedestal. One lamp alone acts as a compelling focal point, while a pair makes a strong design statement.

Ren Tiffany Bronze Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT17115)

Ren Tiffany Bronze Table Lamp

The saturated colors in this lamp are simply enchanting. A flared dome shade features rosy pink lily pad blooms set against a background of green and blue hues that suggest foliage and water. Each piece of glass is made using techniques pioneered by L.C. Tiffany in the late 19th Century. The solid bronze base reflects classical influences – note the urn shape and leaf and swag patterns. Beautifully appointed, this artistic piece is heirloom worthy.

Topaz Baroque Tiffany Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT60203)

Topaz Baroque Tiffany Table Lamp

Dazzling and ornamental, this Tiffany-inspired table lamp introduces a joyful feel into a room. Panels of sunny light amber art glass showcase an intricate pattern of green loops and swirls. Vivid bluish-green ribbons add contrast, while crimson art glass jewels add an extra layer of texture. The gracefully curved pedestal base has a classical look that anchors the vivid shade for a balanced feel. A lovely choice for an end table, nightstand or credenza.

Wilderness Mica Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT80484)

Wilderness Mica Table Lamp

Deep brown mica art glass acts as a background for detailed filigree on the Wilderness table lamp. A stately bull moose stands against a glorious backdrop featuring a lake, trees and a distant mountain range. The jar-shaped base strikes a visual balance with the conical shade. Finished in antique bronze, this lamp has a rugged outdoorsy feel that’s perfect for a rustic study, den or man cave.

Broadview Bank Tiffany Accent Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT90186)

Broadview Bank Tiffany Accent Table Lamp

Charming and genteel, this banker style light puts the Tiffany influence on full display. The shade’s stained glass features pastel pink and red rose blossoms, plus lush greenery set against a light beige background. An intricately detailed blue butterfly adds a whimsical touch. The shade rests atop a harp style base which conveys a classical feel. An ideal accent lamp for a nightstand or smaller desk.

Bank Tiffany Mission Table Lamp (item #RS-03DT-TT90492)

Bank Tiffany Mission Table Lamp

Both attractive and functional, this Mission style table lamp features over 100 pieces of art glass, each individually hand rolled and set in copper foil. The shade features a traditional window pattern with hues of beige, blue, red and butterscotch. A classic reader-style base has a fully adjustable arm, which makes it a wonderful work light.

Carnelian Tiffany Wall Sconce (item #RS-03DT-TW100888)

Carnelian Tiffany Wall Sconce

Arts & Crafts enthusiasts will appreciate this handsome wall sconce, which reflects multiple Mission style design elements. The shade’s white art glass is accented with shades of amber, yellow, brown and red, all presented in an intricate chevron pattern. A dark filigree overlay provides contrast which further highlights the colors. A wonderful accent light for a den, study or office.

Windham Tiffany Wall Sconce (item #RS-03DT-TW12148)

Windham Tiffany Wall Sconce

Graceful with a subtle feminine quality, this wall sconce is a lovely example of the Tiffany tradition. A gently scalloped shade features creamy art glass panels with pastel pink and blue flowers, a misty blue-green border, and darker diamond shapes for a touch of contrast. Jewels in complementary colors scattered throughout add sparkle and texture. Lovely alone or in multiples, this fixture adds a touch of ethereal beauty wherever its placed.

Belle Fleur 22 3/4

Belle Fleur 22 3/4" Pendant

Reminiscent of the early Nouveau movement, the Tiffany-inspired Belle Fleur 22 3/4-Inch Pendant is the perfect focal point for any room. Featuring draping lines and touches of red, the shade is hand-assembled with genuine art glass, using the copper foil technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Results 1-30 of 1021234
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