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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Pan Fixture
A close/flush ceiling mounted or hanging fixture with multiple lights suspended via chain or rod from a large round or square pan
A low protective wall or railing along the edge of a raised structure such as a roof or balcony.
Parliament Hinge:
An “H” shaped hinge that is wider than it is tall to allow for a door or window to swing clear of the trim and lay flat when opened.
Passage Set:
A door set in which there is a latch but no lock.
A wide, low-pitched gable surmounting the façade of a building in the Grecian style.
Pendant Light Fixtures

Fixture of one or two lights extending from the ceiling canopy by a chain or rod.

Picture Rail Molding:
A piece of wood trim on which picture rail hooks can hang from the top of to hold pictures or picture hanging cord.
A rectangular column with a capital and base, projecting only slightly from a wall as an ornamental motif.
Pocket Door Pull:
A nearly flush escutcheon for pocket or sliding doors with a recessed portion allowing the door to fit in the wall pocket and still be pulled open and shut.
Privacy Set:
A door set which has a latch and a locking feature, ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Tubular privacy sets use a push button which disables the latch on one side of the door. Privacy mortise locks sets use a thumb turn to operate a deadbolt lock.
Push Plate:
Door plate which is used to protect the wood of a door which closes automatically and usually has a pull handle on the other side.
"Physical Vapour Deposition" is the process we shorten to PVD. It is a state of the art development which deposits molecules of very hard wearing metals on to the surface of the brass.
An exterior angle of a wall or other piece of masonry often being of large size.
This term is used for a pair of double doors which have the joining edges shaped so that one overlaps the other and creates a seal. For this application a lock with a special shaped face plate is required to fit this type of door junction. Rebated is also called rabbeted.
Rim Keeper:
The metal plate which is attached to the door jamb to hold the latch and/or dead bolt of a rim lock keeping the door latched and/or locked.
Results 76-90 of 130123456789