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Restorer's Hardware & Lighting

Three Centuries of Classic Design—Two Convenient Ways to Shop

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Door Hardware
Whether you have a modern drilled door or an older vintage door to rejuvenate, we have everything you need to recreate just the antique look you want.

Window Hardware
We have a complete collection of reproduction hardware for window restoration projects. Rejuvenate your shutters, casement windows, transom and other types with our authentic replicas.

Cabinet & Furniture Hardware
Cabinet restorers and dresser rebuilders will find all they need (except for the wood) to build just the replica they desire, from caster to hinge. Kits come with all required hardware.

Lighting & Electrical Hardware
Our push button light switches have the look of bygone eras, but hidden in them are all the technology of modern lighting options. We feature your choice of dimmer and multi-way options in a range of prices. Choose from our extensive selection of switch plate covers to match just the design and finish you want.

House Hardware
So much more that we can ever mention! If it doesn't involve a door, cabinet or window, it's probably here! No house remodeling project would be complete without a trip through this section.

Shop by Style

Colonial (1650-1800/1890-1930)
Honest, Simple and Sturdy, Built to Thrive in the New World—Gleaming brass and rugged iron, hand-wrought into timeless designs

Classical (1810-1850/1890-1920)
The Grandeur of Greece & Rome Inspires a Young Nation—Dignified designs in brass & bronze, richly embellished with neo-classical ornament

Victorian (1850-1910)
Industrial Prosperity Fuels a Passion for Variety and Ornament—Eclectic designs in brass, bronze & iron, fashioned with exquisite pattern & detail

Arts & Crafts (1890-1920)
A Celebration of Simple Materials and Honest Craftsmanship—Hand-hammered designs in copper, brass and bronze, with a mellow, aged patina

Romantic (1900-1940)
A Nostalgic Vision of Castles, Cottages and Old World Villas—Elegant designs in iron and bronze, hand-wrought in the manner of European artisans

Art Deco (1925-1940)
Sleek, Urbane & Stylized, a Bold Look for a New Century—Cosmopolitan designs in bronze, chrome & glass display a passion for speed and stylized ornament

Mid-Century (1925-1940)
Post-War Confidence meets Space Age Innovation—Futuristic designs in brass, copper and chrome, defined by simple, understated elegance


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